Saturday, 30 August 2014

Musky Mania Squirrely Burt

Long time readers will have heard me talk about the Squirrely Burt before. A favourite lure of mine after being put on it by Woody. I also know this lure to be a favourite for Neil too. It accounts for plenty of fish between us and for me personally I know it's bagged me hundreds and hundreds of fish over the years. However some people are totally unaware of its existence while others own the lure but struggle to catch anything with it.

The thing with Burts is that they are often a little random out of the box. They aren't perfect and sometimes you have to tinker with them. I recently covered this in an article where I explained how I re weight my Burts. That is the one thing you need to do, take a bit of time and set up your Burt to suit your water. Having a few Burts, in my case usually at least half a dozen, I can set them all up differently to help me tackle lots of situations. Now when you add this to different retrieve styles too you have a lure that can do so much. You just need to spend time setting it up and getting to know both the lure and your waters.

After writing that re-weighting article I got out and fished. First time out I did some instructional work, capturing it on video and then went and caught a nice low double pike within minutes. I was all set to make a nice video when somehow I managed to delete all the files. This meant I had to wait a few days before I could get out to do it all again. When I did get out I had an even better time with the fish so the video ended up being split, a tutorial and one just full of pike action and a surface Burt video as a bonus.

I believe that with the article I wrote before, and the videos I made I have pretty much covered everything with the Burts. Spend time reviewing this information and watching the videos and I'm sure your dust covered Burts will be catching you plenty if you give them the time in the water they deserve.

This first video is the tutorial. Use this, along with this article, to set up the Burts to suit, and then get out and practice with them.

This second video is all the proof you need to give you the confidence that they do work, especially after having a tinker.

Finally, the third video shows you another way to use the Burts to have some fun. Straight out of the box, these lures are often a great surface bait.

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