Sunday, 12 October 2014

Youtube video updates - perch

Here's some of my latest videos for those that haven't subscribed to my channel. This lot is a batch of perch videos with some real lumps on show. It's a great time for perch is Autumn, as the fish start to shoal up and the perch start to heard them and then smash them. Something we witnessed first hand recently. The small fry and 2-3inch perch were getting a right battering from 8oz plus perch and presumably a few bigger stuff. For about 40 minutes the water was alive as everything chased whatever was smaller than them and even a big flock of seagulls were in on the act.

This is the newest video and has a couple of stonking perch for both me and Woody. One I'm sure most will enjoy.

This one is me with a couple of unweighed (schoolboy error, forgot the scales), good two pounders. Two in two casts which proves the theory of right place right time.

And to finish off the perch videos, here's me fishing multiple locations with plenty of perch caught, which backs up what I constantly harp on about, keep mobile and find them.

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