Thursday, 16 October 2014

Youtube video updates - Pike

Another batch of videos that I wanted to bring to the attention of those that haven't already seen them. It's finally time to get in among the pike with hopefully a few of us bagging a big girl. I've already seen a few people on social media who have been lucky enough to bag a beast already, fantastic! These videos don't show any huge pike but they might at least get you in the mood while you sit at home on the dark nights. Hope you enjoy.

This one is an ultra light pike fun video. Ok yes I know it's serious piking weather finally but don't forget to enjoy your fishing. Don't get caught up in just chasing big girls. This video proves that pike of all sizes are just great fun to catch and I love 'em.

Me and Woody went out with the jerk baits, had a few fish but the action caught on film wasn't any good for a video. However I had to share this fish as it was such a gorgeous looking fish.

Here's one with some nice small pike action and a few of my fishing pals doing what they do best when we are out. Tongue in cheek of course! ;)

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