Monday, 4 August 2014

Video updates.

I just thought I'd share my last few video updates on here just in case any of you lot have missed them. I'm trying to keep them a little bit different each time so it's not just the same thing all the time though eventually I guess it might just be me and Woody catching more fish, and then some more. Where I can though I'll try to keep it fresh if I can manage to be creative enough.

Anyway this first video was posted up to my Youtube page about over a month or so ago and it's just a bunch of pike action shots, slow motions and just general spectacular stuff that happens when pike fishing. It's why I do it.

Next we have one of my best productions to date. Out with Woody on his boat there's a few fish and some few high speed boating fun. A short fast and loud video for those with a short attention span like my kids, and probably most other peoples kids too.


Then we have a little video from a few weeks back where I went off on my own to a new bit of water looking for a few fish. I had no idea what to expect as I'd not even scouted out the place before. I was met with a hot day, peace and quiet with a few fish to the ultra light rod and the trusty Kopyto shad.

Finally we have another boat ultra light video with a few more fish caught and a few laughs on top. It won't be a box office smash but it shows what we get up to through the summer while we wait for proper piking weather, not this hot and sweaty crap we have right now. What's all that about?

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