Monday, 21 July 2014

Big fish is buffering.

First let me say this. I appreciate all the support from readers of my blog, Facebook and viewers of my Facebook page and I would hate to upset any single one of you. However I needed to write a few words. Because, some of you might not have realised, fishing isn't always easy and not as easy as Youtube, Facebook and blogger keep telling you.

I enjoy helping people. I get plenty of messages on here and now I've started my Facebook page I'm inundated at times with people asking for tackle advice, lure advice, how to do this and ho to do that and even, where exactly am I fishing. I'll help out on any of that and I'll add on as much as I can, anything I can think of that should help, but I'm not here to tell you where to go catch a fish. How about you start by fishing the water closest to your house and go from there? Now some people can handle that and understand totally and others simply just cannot stand the fact it's all top secret. They will just have to deal with that, tough. I never ask another angler where he fishes. If he wants to and if he trusts me he'll tell me or even take me and I'll do exactly the same. I have a few close fishing friends and even a few not so close that I would trust. One, because they don't go blabbing themselves and two, because they're actually decent chaps who look after their fish.

The above gives a bit of an idea what I'm getting at but actually that isn't the main part. I wanted to tell you all, or those that think I make fishing look easy or that I'm fishing some special place that only those in the secret wink club will gain access to, that I'm not actually fishing anywhere special at all. I'm actually not fishing any big name waters, (he says after just writing about a trip to the piking Mecca of Great Britain). Well that one is just a blip, I was invited to fish and I snapped it up. But those two days aside I'm still to fish the most famous pike rivers in the country, the big lakes of England or the Lochs of bonny Scotland. Most of my fishing is on stinky rivers that most people avoid, crappy canals full shopping trollies and the likes and pathetic little ponds that most of the time are a waste of space. But that's my fishing. That's what I want to do right now and that's my fishing world. I actually look at some of YOU lot, you who send me a message on Facebook or here, telling me you can't catch a fish and I click to see where you live. My word, some of you lot are in walking distance of the finest rivers in the country and many of you even live in places where I wouldn't even care if I caught a fish they are so beautiful. I'd swap your chalk streams, huge lakes and rolling hills for the tampax infested waters I'm fishing.

I'm hoping there's still a good chunk of you lot reading and you haven't turned off never to come back to any of my sites.

So if you are still with me, I'll let you in on a big secret. Despite what all the internet tells you about me, I don't always catch fish when I go out. Wait a minute, I'm not a superstar fishermen? For fecks sake, don't tell my ego that. No honestly, I don't always catch fish. Right now I'm sat here typing this after finishing work and then coming home to cut the grass, weed the garden, clean the fish pond and clean my fish tank out. Right now I should be thinking about going out fishing this evening but because I have done that so many times in the past, I know that going out tonight in the sweaty heat and fighting against all the bank side over growth is frigging hard work and if I have a stinker of  a session, which is often the case on days like this, then I'll come home with a face like a slapped arse. Because sometimes and quite often, lure fishing is chuffing hard graft. I know sometimes my blogs tell of first cast twenties, or super sessions where I could catch a pike on a anything I throw out, my videos and photos have fish, fish, fish everywhere, but sometimes it's not so pretty. I too have the nightmare sessions, I can't find a fish to save my life. No matter what lure I try I can't get so much as a follow and every peg I fish that looks like it should be from an Izaak Walton description fails to live up to it's beauty. Frig this, i'm going to send Nathan Edgell a message and ask if he'll tell me where all his best pegs are.

So how do I catch fish, how do I keep getting results? Well I don't claim to be a top angler for a start so please don't even try to compare me with any of them. There's blokes out there like My Fickling, Mr Horton and a wee lad from up North o' the border called Baxter or something who will catch more big fish this year than I will do in my entire life of pike fishing. All I do is go fishing and when that isn't working, I go fishing. I get enjoyment from fishing with lures and I just want to catch another fish. That's what drives me at the moment and that's what gets me results. I do have a job, so I just have to work hard to free up time, upsetting the Mrs along the way and juggling being dads taxi with an hour or two on the bank. One thing I do not do is decide that in two weeks time I will go fishing and between then and now I'll sit on my backside. If I've got time and the desire I'm out on the bank, twenty minutes, two hours whatever I can manage. I do know a few spots where the odds on me catching a fish are good, but when those few places fail to deliver, guess what? I'm frigging pulling my hair out trudging mile upon mile of bank, towing my knackers off trying to find a fish. Take chew for example. Ok we all know there's enough dream fish in there to give us all a hard on for a couple of weeks or more, but when I was there it was chuffing hard work, ten hours or more two days on the trot of casting, casting, casting. Staying switched on and focussed on my rod, line and fly just in case I got that one chance. It was bloody hard work I tell you but when that day comes where I do eventually land a Chew monster, it'll most probably be through a tiny bit of luck and shit loads of hard pissing graft along the way.

Us lure fisherman have to be a bit daft, and also a bit of an artist (not piss artist though that will help with the blanks). We can't get out on a scorching hot sunny day like today, or the last two weeks or the next two looking at the forecast, and just plonk our arses on a comfy chair and wait for something to happen. Ok, I do know there's more to it than that so don't jump down my throat. What I mean is, a bait angler, match man or carper can do a bit of graft, get it all set up and then reap the rewards later. Those lads and lasses can bring in the fish to their swim but a lure angler has to find them. The other guy can relax and wait for the alarm, soaking up the sun but a lure angler has to keep walking and keep casting and if he's not doing one he's doing the other and if he doesn't do either he'll not catch a damn thing. It's bloody hard work at times you know and it's not always for some. Occasionally though, all that walking and all that casting pays off and you have a bumper session, you bag a three pound perch or twenty pound pike. That's when all that hard work is rewarded but if you want to go check back on my blog, go see how many three pound perch or twenty pound pike I catch a season. It's more than some I know that, but loads of lads catch way more than me, ask Nev, Dave or Neilson.

You're big pike is downloading
Angling magazines, Facebook pages and groups, Fishing forums and Youtube productions are all over the shop. You come home from work and some twat has just landed a monster and by the time you've taken a second sip of your hard earned pot of tea, some other twat has caught another big fish. Stuff this, I'm off fishing, it's frigging easy look at all those lot catching. Three hours later you're home with your tail between your legs, face like a slapped arse and you're looking on eBay to see how much you can get for the Savage gear lure collection. Let me tell you something, I look at the internet and it looks really easy to catch big fish to me as well. Reality is though, unless you are in the know, paid to fish all day, live in pike central or have won the lottery the fishing isn't like that. It's tampax, trollies and feck all on the bank for most of it. I wish I could tell you a super lure that will always catch you a fish but I can't. I've even blanked with my Squirrelly Burt, I feckin have you know. The internet is great, but you can't frigging download a pb.

For gods sake just get out and go fishing. You've either been at school, work or you're about to go soon, so while you have the chance get out and go fishing. You'll catch naff all sat at home looking on the internet. Those page "Likes" should inspire you to just get out and fish, not ask them where they caught it. There's big pike and perch all over, not in big numbers but they are there I promise you. You just have to go out and find the buggers. It won't be easy, it won't be every time and there will be loads of hard graft, sweaty ball sacks and even moments of shear frustration when after all that work, that one fish you were chasing manages to shake the hooks right at the net. But that is fishing. I promise you this though, if you do keep at it and you do put that time in. One day, probably when you least expect it, something will happen that make all that hard work, frustration and the rest seem insignificant and wortwhile. When you find the dream fish and it smashes in to your lure, nearly ripping the rod from your grasp, throwing itself out of the water with the most violent head shake you have ever seen, before eventually coming up to the surface towards your net, your arse will fall out at this point but when it does go over that net you will be on cloud fucking nine!

Now go fishing for fucks sake.


  1. I reckon you just about summed up lure fishing mate ! Great ain't it !

    1. Paul,

      Bang on. I got lucky with a nice Perch recently, I had a few phone calls along the lines of "Where about's mate". I gave away sweet FA. Only one or two who drive me about, when we fish together know where. Funny how popular you become when you have a touch!

      What enjoyment do anglers get from being put on fish ? Na I'm enjoying this season, on and off buses, trains to get to where I fish, when my main mate can't pick me up.

      I still love my Barbel fishing, that will come in September. At present though it's all about trying to get a good Chub on a surface lure.

      Good blog, off your chest mate ;-0

    2. Yep, had that mate. There's only a couple of lads I know that will ring up and say, "I've just had a lump from *****, you need to be fishing there mate". The close lads in the circle will tell you which bush it was under, what tactic and even take you there and point you at it, while others just expect you to let them know when the fish are on it so they can roll up, catch a pb and then move on to somewhere else.

      I've fished a couple of places already this year that I've never even been to before or heard of anyone fishing, just me, minimal gear and some leg work. However there's no blog, no video and no photos. Those spots are just for me.

      Good to hear you getting the most of this lure fishing lark. There's much more to it than just catching. Getting out with a small bag and your rod and just going exploring all alone is brilliant. So much more freedom and you don't mind having to cover a bit of ground to get to somewhere, that's part of the day out for me. Those chub are either really easy or really hard. They sometimes take anything that hits the water then on another venue they spook at the slightest ripple.

    3. Paul,

      Like many I'm sure we are not alone, in that we do not blog all our angling sessions. Oh and yeah, little "white lies" to keep some places hidden are a must. But then you know that.

      I've got a day off on Friday, not normal, but she who must be obeyed, wants us to attend a little girls sixth birthday party on Saturday and the kid was the flower girl at our wedding, so yeah it's the right thing to do.

      As for the Chub, I will be trying again on Friday, roasting hot so here hoping ;-0

  2. Well said Paul. Totally agree buddy, its not just about the catching of fish there is just so much more to being on the riverbank!

    I was out yeaterday blanking, but had a great day out whilst doing so. We cant always catch, but it makes it all the more exciting when it does happen!

    1. There's loads more to it Glen you're right. A big part of lure fishing for me is actually trying to "lure" the fish. If I wanted to just catch a pike I'd be live baiting.

  3. Well said, that man.

    As with almost everything in life, people's view of fishing is distorted by the internet. Almost everyone has to put in hours of fishless desperation before it all comes together, but no-one wants to hear that. And of course, no-one posts videos that serve up the reality - that would be pretty dull after all. Instead you get 3-minute montages with supercharged soundtracks, depicting lure fishing as some kind of high-octane extreme sport. Which it isn't.

    As you say, it's hard(ish) graft and it's not always pretty. People need to understand that catching fish is just one facet of fishing. If you can't get enjoyment from being out on the river bank or lakeside, discovering new locations for yourself, working things out and cracking the code, then you're doing the wrong thing.

    If you want to arrive at the water and catch 3lb perch or 20lb pike within the first few casts, every time, then you'll find there's no long-term enjoyment in it for you.

    People for whom angling becomes a life-long passion generally come to realise that there's a whole lot more to it than that.

    1. I guess people like myself are a big part of it. I'm mostly posting up stuff that make lure fishing look easy and on some days it is exactly that. Some people fish for more than just the fish where others only want a big one and nothing else. But at least go out and have a go for it with some amount of effort on their own part and not expect everyone else to put in the graft. For me though it's everything about it with fishing. If I knew an ugly man made hole with a big pike it I wouldn't fish it, that wouldn't do it for me. I want to enjoy all the lot.