Sunday, 27 April 2014

Trout fished

I normally spend the closed season going to a few local spots for an hour or two before or after work, but so far that hasn't really happened. My fishing has been pretty much restricted to Saturdays with Woody and this weekend was no exception. I did earn some fishing tokens on Thursday which should have seen me out Friday after work, but as 2pm came all I could see was a wet and miserable world and so I just toddled off home. I had also pencilled in Sunday morning for a sneaky, get up early session. But I woke at 3am with a migraine and was out of it for the next couple of hours and then when I finally shook the pain I was sound asleep until 9am, I'd definitely missed my slot by then.

So it was just Saturday, but this time it was an all day effort. We had decided to go back for some more trout fun, have a look around and see what else was hiding. We even went like proper trout anglers. Woody had his boat launching waders and I had a pair of black waders I'd got free from work. They looked like a pair of NCB waders for anyone from up north who might remember those, nothing like the posh southern fly anglers gear but they'll keep me dry and let me get to a few unreachable spots. With in no time of paddling, me and Woody were in to some small trout and we were off the mark.

The fish kept coming most of the day and it was another bumper session. For me though it was slightly frustrating as I saw more big fish follow than ever but never got any to connect, all except one which was like a submarine and shook the hooks as it launched out of the water. I'm guessing well over four pound, a probable underestimated weight to try and make myself feel better about it though deep down I know it was a clonker. Woody was picking up fish but he had the odd slightly larger fish among his captures. He then went through an absolute purple patch where he was landing big trout after big trout to the point he was throwing them back without a photo. I did managed to grab one though before it went back, another stunning fish. We usually have a similar days sport and catch roughly about the same each and it's great to not be in competition, though I can safely say this time I was well and truly out fished.

Another top day out and a change from our usual stuff. We covered some distance and got to see some new bits of water. We found a few new lovely looking swims and found some fish and it was great to be fishing a river again. I know some nice canals and get some good results from them at times, but they're a dull place to fish compared to a beautiful river. I enjoy much more trying to work out where the fish are. Fishing all the fishy looking spots and even those that you don't expect or can't normally get at. We were hanging out of trees and nearly falling in as we tried to cast that little bit further under or around a branch. It's actually hard work fishing like we do, switched on all day fishing as hard in the first peg as the last. With the stunning surroundings, super weather, the birds tweeting, squirrels scampering about and all the rest it should be a nice relaxing day out but we end up coming back shattered. We were both trying to work out if our waders had leaks or if we'd just been sweating so much. Another reason I was struggling was the fact I'd left me sarnies back in the car. We sat down at mid day for a drink and a bite to eat when it dawned on me I hadn't brought them. Disaster for me as I need about 19,000 calories a day just to keep my fighting weight and not forgetting poor little Tyke who looks forward to eating half of my dinner. Lessons learned for next time anyway.

Another plus from the day was the fact I took the GoPro and managed to capture a bit of footage. Putting some of it together tonight it's not too bad either. I might have to get another day out with Woody and the trout and do a few more things before I release it. Since it's something I won't do all the time it would be nice to have a proper put together video rather than just a few clips. I'll speak to Woody later and we'll work on getting a few more angles, close ups and the rest. In the mean time, and though not on a trout theme but on a GoPro theme I have released an ultra light pike fishing video. It's not the best as video productions goes but it has some pike footage and we all love a bit of that. It does however show you why, and it highlighted to me the fact, I want to do a bit more with the trout video. Anyway, have a look and see for yourselves. Comments and suggestions, as always are welcome.


  1. You two are certainly getting amoungst them at the moment bud!

    Enjoyed the vid too.

    1. Yeah we're doing ok Glen. It seems to me trout fishing is always going to be about how many you can hang on to though. lol