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Blue Fox Super Vibrax

Blue Fox Super Vibrax
Yesterday I posted on my Facebook page one of my favourite lures. I decided this could be a good little entry every now and again to keep people coming back to my page. Post up a lure and add a few words.

I've just decided to add this feature to my blog page also, but in more detail. People always ask me what are my favourite lures, everyone has them and to be honest it's just about getting a lure that does what you want it to do and that you have confidence in. Well I know some people have either no confidence in enough lures or just want to see a lure that they know catches other people some fish. So here goes, my first entry for Favourite Lures. I will keep posting these little articles to help you lot decide what you want. I'm not sponsored by anyone, and the lures will be lures I use and that catch me fish. I claim no responsibility for anyone getting out of pocket after reading on.

Blue Fox Super VibraxTarget fish - Pike, perch, chub, trout.
Blue Fox Super Vibrax
A simple spinner that comes in a few sizes and a wide variety of colours. My personal choice are the plain old copper, gold or silver, and mostly I use them in size 3. Spinners are simple, cast out and wind in lures so there's no need for me to explain a retrieve style. They will work pretty shallow just a couple of feet deep, especially if used as I do on 20lb braid which will create plenty of drag and keep the lure shallow. I will use this lure on my ultra light outfit, 5ft 6in Greys GS rod. If I am general ultra light lure fishing I can expect any predator, and if I know pike are present then I will use the 20lb braid and a 20lb wire trace. If I am fishing the upper rivers for trout as an example, or I know I'm fishing waters where the pike are not present then I will scale down my line to 6lb and would ditch the wire, however for me this occurrence is very rare.

So cast out, let the lure sink a little and wind in, it is that simple. However keeping a mental image of where the lure is in the water, thinking about the retrieve speed either slowing or speeding up will help you catch fish. You should be able to feel if the lure is working and the blade is spinning. If the lure comes in too quick and easy, the blade is not spinning so you are either tangled or winding in too slow or fast. Test out the lure in front of you to get a feel. Fan cast around your swim and don't be in a rush to get the lure in, while trying to keep it up off the bottom and away from snags. Think about where you are casting and split the water in to small regions and cover each region. Target fast water with these lures, just holding it in the flow or a real slow retrieve against the current. Cover the shallow slacks and also the deep pools. A favourite target point with a spinner would be in to fast water and then bring it out in to an adjacent slack pool where predators will be waiting. Cover your regions and if it is a known fish holding spot, cover those regions but from an other angle also.

This lure will catch you fish so have confidence to buy a few. You can find these lures on eBay often at reasonable prices, expect to pay £2-£3 for one or if you are lucky three for a fiver (check size of lure also). Watch out for more expensive buys from the USA eBay.

Other similar lures.
Mepps are renowned for making quality spinners and so if you already own these, or find them cheaper than the Super Vibrax then go for it. A spinner is a simple lure and you don't have to spend silly money. However by buying the Vibrax or Mepps, you are getting a good quality spinner, made from strong wire, good hooks and good blades. Cheaper versions might not stand up to pike crunching on them, the poor blades might not spin as good. What you find with cheap spinners is that they often don't spin unless you have the correct speed, which might be one speed, where as a Mepps or a Vibrax will spin at slow or fast retrieve. But here's a top tip. Don't rule out the cheapo spinner. If you find cheap spinners in Aldi, The Range or a second hand tackle shop then grab a good handful. You will have no fear throwing this cheap spinner near snags, under trees and anywhere that normally looks out of bounds. Often this cheap lure will bag you a nice fish or two before you lose it to a submerged oil tanker, and you'll still have the Super Vibrax in your box. Super Vibrax, a super lure.

Blue Fox Super Vibrax

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