Thursday, 10 October 2013

Soft lure making


Loads of people are in to it nowadays, making your own lures. I'm not sure I have the skills or perseverance to make super jerk baits like some, but recently I started looking in to making my own soft plastics. By luck, at the recent PAC convention there was a stand there with a couple of lads showing off their product. LureFactors is the place to go and start off if this is something you have been thinking of doing. When I saw the demonstration it did look simple and then just recently they introduced a trial kit for fifteen quid. You get a mould, a couple of colours, some lube, glitter and of course some Lure Flex to get you started. So I took the plunge and bought the kit (plus a microwaveable jug) and then the other day I had a bash.

£15 for this, plus £5 for jug

There was a set of instructions so I carefully read through. To be honest it's pretty simple, shake the bottle, put some in the jug, nuke for a few seconds to minute or so, pour in to mould and wait a minute before marvelling at your creation. Yes it is that easy once you get the hang of it. Though at first I struggled a little. I was too cautious with the microwave, fearing burning the rubber and stinking the house out. The first time I poured the Lure Flex it was just  warm Lure Flex and so it never set in to rubber. I guess there's some scientific thing that goes on when it gets to 260 degrees. I eventually realised I wasn't giving it long enough to get hot but when a visible change occurred, It was a kind of "eureka" moment, for myself anyway. After that I was away and before I knew it I had a good handful of grubs in a couple of colours, some with glitter in and I was ready to test them. Shame it was pitch black outside, now where did the summer go?

Luckily I wasn't starting work until 10am so that meant I could get an hour in before a hard days graft (honest, I do work hard). I arrived and stuck on a curly tailed grub that I'd lovingly made just the night before. Well either the perch weren't impressed at my handy work or they weren't where I expected them. I moved a little further along the bank to try and find them and then within a few minutes I felt the first pluck. Here is the first fish I caught on my new lures, I was over the moon. God knows how much joy others must get with their real hard work making their lures and catching on them. I'm never one for using curly tail grubs so to catch on them was good too.

I ended up with 17 perch in less than an hour fishing so was chuffed to bits with that. Two perch were just short of the pound barrier but I was thrilled to bits when I managed to snare an even better perch, probably a bit over a pound and a half. A top result if I say so myself.

So next on my list is to get enough Lure Flex to make me a stack of lures. I also need to make some moulds so that I can make other lures of various shapes and sizes. One lure I wanted to make was the kopyto in a few sizes. I can wait for Lure factors to make even more lure moulds or I can get the right gear from their shop and make my own moulds. However I was sat bored, thinking of what I could make when I came up with a plan. Digging out a tub of Polyfiller I set to making a mould and when I got home from work today I was ready to give it a test. Now I knew it wouldn't be as good as the flexible rubber moulds you can buy or make but I still reckoned it would work, if not as neat and here they are. I might have to go catch on one tomorrow now.


So a great product and if you're in to using soft lures I can't recommend getting in to this enough. Mark from LureFactors is a great chap, catches plenty of fish himself so he knows what he wants and he's knocking out lures of all shapes and sizes so will help you along as you get started. It really is that easy and much cheaper than buying them. A 2.5 inch Kopyto will cost 3p to make compared to 70p to buy. Something I forgot to mention is there's no waste either. All the rubber that is left, has set in the jug or been spilled on the worktop will just set, but you just chuck it back in the microwave and it melts again, same with all your old lures that are bashed, ripped and bitten to hell. There's no mistakes, just use it again mix and add more colour and you can even pour your rubbers in layers to give multiple coloured lures. The possibilities are endless and it's just up to you and your imagination once you take the plunge. From now on I'll only be making my own.


  1. AH HA ! something to do during the long winter nights me thinks ! Nice one Paul !
    Is it really that easy, and do they really work out that cheap?

    1. Yes and yes Mark. I think starting off costs a bit more. Either buying some moulds or the gear to make moulds, plus a jug and any colours, glitter etc. But the stuff to make the lures is not too bad. £16 will get you 300 two inch kopytos I think Mark said, even if it's a bit less than that you have saved a fortune. Making them is simple, you just need that "eureka" moment where you spot the point when the liquid is ready to be poured. Really, really easy.

    2. I've just added a video to the blog post Mark, have look when you have five minutes and see how easy it is.

  2. At last! A company that imports the soft plastic into the uk! I've been making my own for years but have always had to buy the liquid from the US, never understood why nobody thought to start selling the stuff over here before. Cheers for bringing that shop to my attention Paul, great work!