Tuesday, 15 October 2013

Pike season is here. I know, how slow am I noticing?

So I thought it time to update and round off what should be the end to my summer fishing with the light gear and time for some serious pike fishing with some proper gear. Well I'm hardly the proper winter piker as I don't particularly target big winter pike. All year long I target fish on the lures, mostly it's pike but this year I managed to avoid my pike spots while the sun was shining as I felt it wasn't right for esox in favour of mostly perch. The cold seems to finally be here even if it's not frosty or snowy yet. However for the last month or so I've casually carried on with the light gear. The occasional large lure has been thrown but only the odd hour here or there. The weather has kind of held off a little and so I decided to stick it out with the light gear in the hope of more fun. However I've still resisted the urge to go to a few places where I know I have a chance of a big perch in favour of trying out somewhere new that I have no knowledge of and don't even know how big the perch go. The banker canal where I had my pb last year I know has been hit by a few lure anglers. With my ear to the ground and my beady eye on the forums plus a few chats with lads who I know there's been a good few lure chuckers chasing the big perch and I decided to keep clear.

I've been trying my best to find some river perch close to home, however the closest I've come a few times now is a big perch shaking the hooks. No record breakers but easily fish in the two and three pound bracket. A shame but at least now I know a few places where I stand a chance. Problem is the fish move as soon as a few have been caught so it's a waiting game. Maybe I should wait until about March time when they're fat as pigs? I've also had a few chucks at some canals that should throw up a fish or two and again I wasn't sure how big. I've managed a good few pound and pound and half fish with stacks of small perch to 10oz size and then finally I dropped on a good fish that went 2lb 12oz. I was happy with that one as it was a hard earned fish and also a good finish to my summer light lure fishing.

Well it hasn't really finished. I've enjoyed throwing small stuff about and haven't been in a rush to chase pike. I haven't even got sorted for winter where I was supposed to be getting a dead bait set up or two bought but instead I've spent money on other stuff, such as the gear from LureFactors to make my own soft lures. I've enjoyed the process and even though I know I'm not creating things on the level such as Matt Holmes does, it's still an extra pleasure to catch on something you've created yourself. For my latest lures I went and made a couple of half decent shad moulds so 2-5 inch lures are now a doddle to make. They're not as neat and perfect as the moulds you can buy but that doesn't bother me in the slightest. The fish don't check to see your craftsmanship and as was the case today, a lure I made last night was trashed in no time. I'll just have to melt that one down again to make a new one. Here's a selection of my last batch. All simple and no fancy stuff with the colourings yet (if ever) but they all work perfect. So there's another reason I haven't made the switch to serious pike fishing. Making lures and testing them out and then enjoying a fish or two on them has been a distraction from getting the large lumps of wood out. I've managed a few fish, pike, perch and a chub too.

So is it now time to make the switch to pike as the colder weather draws in? I'm not sure I will yet. I might just give this ultra light fishing a bit longer and see where it goes.

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