Saturday, 6 December 2014

A couple of videos - One extreme to the other

Here's a couple of videos which I thought I'd bring to the attention of those that haven't seen them on my channel yet. It shows the extremes of my fishing and I thought it great to put these two together to show how it is in the real world. Making Youtube videos, you have to try and be a little exciting or show off loads of big fish, though I have come to realise that the other end of the spectrum is as fascinating to viewers. People can easily get bored of "here's me with a fish" articles or videos and they often prefer or need just as much, a bit of information showing how you got to that point. The success and the failure. This is something I will try to concentrate more on with my channels while still sticking up a nice capture when I can.

The first video is a compilation of some of the big perch captures this year. It was made to celebrate me smashing past the 1000 subscribers mark, wow that's a bit mental. The video is short and sweet and just shows big perch after big perch. I'm an awesome angler and i'm really good at fishing aren't I? I bet you wish you fished the same kind of waters as me, my fishing is easy.

Second video shows what goes in to catching all those fish. My videos are often a snippet of a session or even a few sessions. For large chunks of the session or even a few sessions on the bounce, it's bloody hard work. But that's how it goes and I expect nothing less than a few blanks, a frustrating few fish session and miles of bank covered for little in reward. It's the hard work that you put in that will reap you the rewards eventually. This video shows that I don't always catch a million huge fish every cast and it gives an insight in to how I approach my fishing. Video one is achievable for all you lot if you spend a bit of time finding the fish like I show in video 2. Get out and get chucking and don't forget to enjoy it all along the way.

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  1. I liked both you videos. Thank you for sharing this wonderful videos here. I liked your techniques. I am sure anyone of the reader like me will try your ideas at least one time.