Saturday, 10 May 2014

Trout videos uploaded

Nothing of note to write about as I've not been out, so this is just a heads up to let people know I've finished my trout videos and they are available to view on my Youtube Channel.

The first one just sets the scene. No talking, no fish caught, it just gives you a look at where we were. I love fishing rivers. I've had some good successes from canals but after fishing the river it really hammered it home how boring canals can be and how much more interesting rivers are. Every bit of water was a target for a reason, not just because you are covering the water but because you wanted to hot the rapids, the slacks the shallows or the pools and getting in, under or around trees and bushes was a nightmare and a pleasure.

The second video is simply us catching, or losing fish. The trout are a bit mental and hit at super speed, combine with their hard mouths and it means you lose often more than you land. Well I did anyway. We had some nice fish and for a start it was a great result. Woody bagged the pick of the fish but I was happy with my results too.

Third and final video in this trouting series is the bloppers. We always seem to have a laugh at something, each other or someone else and the banter is a great part of our day out. It helps us through the hard times and enjoy the good times even more. I missed Woody falling in the canal a month or so ago, had that been on camera it would have racked up a million views by now. At least I managed to capture a few of the funny moments from our sessions for you all to enjoy.

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