Tuesday, 27 May 2014

MH Custom Lures Alphabet crank - lure review

Mark sent me a few of his new lures and asked me to do him a video review on my Youtube channel. When I originally said I'd be happy to do it, I didn't give it too much thought but then when the lures came and I had to knock out a video I felt a bit of pressure. Firstly, to make a video that Mark would like and secondly to catch some bloody fish on his lures. I kept imagining I'd go out and blank, then blank again. I don't normally fish under pressure, I just fish for fun. Now I know how the big lads feel! lol

MH Custom Lures Alphabet crank
Normally when you're lure fishing, you choose a lure to suit your swim. On this occasion it was the other way around, I had to think of somewhere to give the lure a chance to work its magic. A river would be spot on but it's not quite time yet. Most of the canals I fish are probably a little too deep for this lure, especially when coloured up. I remembered a shallow canal not too far from me. If I was lucky I might get a few fish from there but it was a race against time to get on it before it weeded up. In a months time it'll be surface lures only. Bank Holiday weekends on a shallow canal are a nightmare, boat traffic up and down churning up weed and muck. But I had to go and have a crack even though I expected the worst on this water.

I arrived in the evening, hopefully any traffic would be gone and the water would be settling down. When I got there it was near perfect. I could see a bit of weed taking over, but the clarity was bob on. Where were all the boats? So I got set to chucking the Alphabet crank. A small two inch or so shallow crank available in umpteen colours. Mark buys in the blanks, sprays them up and posts them out in super sharp time. They looked brilliant, but that's no good if they don't work right? I cast out and straight away I could feel a bit of a pull from the wiggle of the lure. Happy with that, it's gunna send out some vibes is that. As the lure came in I could see it's arse wiggling away like a good un. I wish our lasses arse moved like that. Five minutes of chucking and I was confident I just had to put it near some fish. Then I actually did. Three fish in four casts and after twenty minutes I'd bagged four and lost/missed a few more. I kept catching after that and it was safe to say Mark is on to a winner with those lures.

You can get them by going to Mark's blog. There's plenty of other lures there too. I already love his Crank n shad and his Slide n shad lures which catch me loads of pike. Those are from his custom built hand made balsa wood range of lures. I also have some larger jerks on order from him too and I can't wait for those to arrive. Go buy some from him, I promise you will be over the moon. If you're not sure what you need or can't see what you want send him a message and he'll happily sort you out. If you need some more convincing, go check out my video review.


  1. Great review Paul, really enjoyed watching that bud. They look like great little catchers, think I maybe investing in a couple.

    1. They'll bag you some pike and perch but if you can find those chub I think they'll be perfect too.