Saturday, 15 March 2014

The last fish - The video

Here we are folks, my big lump caught on film to finish the season in style, all ready for you to enjoy. I didn't quite get 100 subscribers, no where near but at 60 now and just notched up 2000 total views. My lad says you should release something on youtube at certain mile stones, so that seems like a couple of good milestones to me. Hope you all enjoy.


  1. Lovely fish Paul and some great footage with the go pro. Love it when the fish flashes it's side just before the net. That's the heart in the mouth moment till the net has swallowed it all safely eh !!

    1. It all seems herart in the mouth when you have a big one on the end of your line. Wasn't sure at first until I saw it and then knew it was big, from then on it was all a bit scary. That's why my drag was freed off so much after i saw the hook ont he outside of the mouth, which fell off in the net incidently!