Wednesday, 7 August 2013

Super Super Vibrax.

Blue Fox Super Vibrax spinners, you need to have them in your armoury. They're just a simple small spinner, which I prefer in copper for some reason, and they're fish catchers!

Today I went out and decided to use my ultra light set up. First lure on was one of Mark Houghtons little minnows. It wasn't long before I had a take, something thrashed a few times, I saw the tail come out of the water and then the hooks came out. I think it was a half decent perch at least over a pound so I was a bit gutted. But it was a good start and I was ready for more fish. I switched lures and put on my little Vibrax spinner. Second or third cast and the rod bends and I hook in to a fish which turns out to be a jack of about 3lb. Great fun on the light set up and it's a result on a lovely summery day. I cast back out and in no time the same thing happens and again it's a fish of similar size though possibly a touch larger. No point changing lures or tactics and again, in no time I'm in again. This time what seems like a small fish again turns into an epic battle as a fish of around 7lb eventually wakes up and goes mental. All I could really do was try to keep some control over the fish, but when it went, it went.

I've now attracted the attention of a chap fishing the opposite bank. I don't know what he was fishing for but in all the time I was here, twenty minutes or so he's not caught. At first it looks as though he is packing up but it turns out he is packing one rod up and then getting out another. He's putting on a little spinner. Can't fault him for that as there's no point sat catching nothing when there are fish to be had. He gave it ten minutes or so but didn't manage a fish, while in that time I managed to hook and lose something, and bank two more pike with another at around 7lb. He packed up and went home. I guess his copper spinner wasn't a Blue Fox Super Vibrax.

I'm wondering if this burst of fish will go quiet and it does but only after I managed to catch one more pike on the little copper spinner. A mad forty or so minutes of fun on the light gear. After the bit of quiet I have a look at a few spots, try a few different lures but nothing much happens. I eventually decide to go back to my productive spot and cast around with the spinner again but this time I only pick up one small perch. I have my heavy gear with me and decide to have a quick few casts. First casts with the Burt and a decent pike pushing ten pounds or so smashes up and goes ballistic on the surface flapping about all over the shop. It goes on a run, I try to turn it's head and the hook pulls. Never mind, the explosive take and the short battle was enjoyment in itself. Luckily I manage another fish on the Burt to finish off my short evening session.


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