Tuesday, 2 July 2013

Strange urge to have a few last casts bags a beauty.

On Monday I nipped out late evening for a session. My stretch needs some water in it, there's lots of slime on the bottom of the river and on all the weeds and the water is a funny murky colour so I went off elsewhere. I spent a bit of time just having a look at a few things, watching the river and seeing what I could see. It's amazing what you can spot if you just take a time out from fishing, especially in clear water with the sun out. A couple of fish banked on the light gear and I was happy to be out, catching and just generally enjoying my time.It had been a little windy earlier but that had now died off and it was a pleasant, calm sunny evening.

I bumped in to a couple of old fellows and spent ages chatting to them while they were catching lots of small silvers. I'd spied a peg further down and wanted to fish it when they had gone so I nipped back after I saw them drive off. I don't know why I did it, but I just fancied a fish from this peg and I didn't want every man and his dog seeing. I went back to my car and pulled out my heavy rod, when I'd been using the light gear all night. I remembered I'd bought a Jack Cobbs lure off Matt ages ago but hardly used it, in fact I couldn't seem to get it to glide. So I picked up that Cobbs, my unhooking tools (I forgot the mat) and off I went. If I didn't catch a fish at least I was going to master this one lure.

Anyway, casting around I seemed to be getting some good action from the Cobbs finally and I was making it glide. I then had interest from, but missed a few jacks. I saw one and it was only around 3lb so figured they were all like that, darting up at speed and hitting and bouncing off. I was a bit gutted as I wanted a fish on this lure to get it off the mark now I had it sussed. I finally got to this one swim I'd been eyeing up all night. A strange urge to fish this swim and as i got closer it was as if I was in a rush to get to it.I launched the Cobbs along the edge.

Within seconds felt a bang and then it everything erupted. A huge pike launched itself clear of the water and I was hanging on to a lump. I'm not one for trying to make a pike leap clear of the water but this fish just couldn't be stopped. I eventually got it in to the edge and had to chin it out. I had no way of taking any decent photos. I'd left my mini camera tripod and also my lure bag which is not bad as a camera mount. Add to the fact it was nearly dark and self take shots in this kind of light, or lack of, are not my speciality. I had one attempt at a photo of me holding the fish but I failed miserably so I left it at that. I've a million and one photos of me and pike anyway, I was much more interested in getting the fish back fast. I did grab a couple of quickies so they are here to enjoy, a seventeen and half pound pike and my first on a Cobbs. I hope I get a similar urge to put on some lottery numbers and have the same kind of success.


  1. To say you didin't have your camera gear mate, there are still some nice shots there - very atmospheric! She looks a good fish.


    1. cheers Glen. Very happy with the catch. It was a great time to be out. Late on the river all alone and then that happened to round it all off.