Thursday, 11 July 2013

Carp off the top

Are you kidding me, this is a pike blog? Actually it's not really a carp blog entry as such, at least not me fishing for them. I was just messing around in the garden and ended up taking some photos and videos of the fish in my pond. My son has a Sony camera that you can dunk underwater without it turning in to a paper weight, and it doesn't do too bad at the job of pics n vids. I only had a quick go but the results are spot on. I've often thought about doing some under water filming and this might have just inspired me to take it to a river near me. I'd love to catch the pike on film, lures in action and even a pike smashing a lure. If only it was as easy as it was in my garden pond.

Here's a selection of photos and if you go right to the bottom I've stuck a couple of video links so you can watch my fish feeding, firstly on pellet and then on bread.

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