Friday, 26 July 2013

Awesome news!

Well it is for me anyway. No, it's not a twenty, I haven't won the lottery and neither has the Mrs agreed to move to Quebec (that's with me of course not just on her own). However i've just had some feedback which makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside.

A few days ago I wrote about  an encounter with some young lads while I was out fishing. They needed a bit of guidance and I gave them a few pointers to steer them in the right direction. I also mentioned a very good second hand tackle shop that they should nip in and check for lure gear as there are often some good deals to be had. Today I nipped in to the said shop as I was passing, I always have to have a look to see if Howard has any lures in that take my fancy. Upon chatting he asked me if I'd told some lads to come to the shop and explained that my new lure apprentices were in buying stuff, including wire traces!

That's great to hear and proof that you can only help people if you are prepared to give it a go.

Picture is in no way related to the story, but I like it so I'm sharing.

Pike takes Burt head first on the second attempt.


  1. Well done Paul !
    Its a good feeling isn't it, knowing that you have helped someone, not for self gain, but for the sake of fish welfare, and the future of our sport, keep up the good work!
    Quite a lot of people would have, like you said,done nothing and then moaned about bloody kids, bloody beginners,bloody anything, but you have hopefully put them on the right road.

    I have a junior meet up tomorrow, with the youngsters from my local club,even if only one turns up I still feel its still time well spent,

    1. Yeah it's a good feeling. I'm glad the lads are interested enough to do it the right way. Good luck with the juniors tomorrow, I hope they bag a few fish and learn plenty.