Tuesday, 8 January 2013

The fine line

Success and failure are only inches apart. I actually had a conversation with Woody about this just yesterday.

Today I went for a walk further down river but I blanked and didn't really find anywhere that seemed "pikey". I ended up back at my usual peg later for the last hour and eventually found myself chucking smaller lures about. I'm sure there's some perch in here somewhere I just can never seem to drop on them. After a while of no sign of a perch I upped the lure size but still using the UL set up. As you are sometimes in lure fishing when things aren't frantic and you are resigned to the fact you're going to blank, you day dream a little, try strange things with the lures etc.

Wholly cow!

A pike emerged from the depths slowly following my lure and I could see it was easily a high double, 18lb at least possibly pushing more. It turned away at the last second never to be seen again.

Inches, from success. It's what keeps us going back. :)

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