Thursday, 22 November 2012

The Blogs danglies

With nothing to write about on here, mostly because I haven't been out much at all, I was struggling to think of something to put to paper...err to keyboard. So instead, I'll leave it for everyone else to do. Here's my little list of blogs I like to read. Some are famous, some not just yet but hopefully someone will find something to read on these cold dark nights, or at least while the 100mph winds and floods are playing havoc with our fishing plans.

In no particular order-

Norfolk 'N Good A mostly pike blog, which is amusing and educational and sometimes just completely random/strange but very entertaining. An enjoyable read and is updated very regularly. Be sure to check out his Sausage Roll and his Aliens then you'll have a good idea what I'm taking about, maybe not so much an idea what Chris is on about though. Good fun.

Joe Chatterton's Angling Diary Joe is a bit of an all round angler and seems to be able to put his hand to anything. He enjoys the challenge of a bag full of dace or a hard fighting barbel using all manner of tactics I never got around to mastering but Joe seems to be able to do everything. I've enjoyed reading some of his successes and he's also managing to capture some stunning fishing moments.

Fish Fooler is written by a new mate of mine. Having shared a passion of lure fishing on the forums and being local we met up this year and have been out a few times since. Matt Holmes is a much more of an all round lure fisherman than me targeting small silvers on the fly rod, giant perch on the kopytos and even some monster pike too. He's still new to blogging but for me his blog should be one to keep an eye on because as it grows it will have more interesting entries through next year when he gets to show off his variety of styles and venues and he also has another bonus gem which are his home made lures. The design and build quality are fantastic, take a look for yourself.

Pike Blog is and does exactly as the title suggest, it's all about barbel fishing. Wait...what? Actually Brian does a bit of everything but also seems to have got a bit of a bug for catching barbel. He and his mate Dan set themselves a challenge to catch 300lb of barbel in the season, I guess last seasons 200lb challenge wasn't enough. Brian is also a little more famous for something else. He's the creator of a cracking cartoon comic strip, Jack's Pike which readers of his blog are treated to now and again and if you like what you see then go buy his books! Should make a fantastic Christmas gift I reckon. Does my wife read my blog?

The Lure of Angling is a blog that's been going a few years now. That alone means there's plenty to read but add to that when Daniel Everitt writes an entry he doesn't just put up some photos and a couple of words. He reminds me of myself sometimes. Often when I write, off I go and I tell everything that happened that day and Daniel seems to do that too. That might not be for everyone as many people like a few photos and a brief story but for me it's good to be able to see how people think, how they approach a water or a target fish and what challenges they face and how they deal with them. Daniel certainly gives you all the details.

So there's a few blogs that should keep you entertained for a while at least, hopefully until this damn weather perks up a bit and we can get back to fishing, or as it's seemed for me just recently, standing next to water. 

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  1. Pike Blog does exactly as the title suggest... LOL!