Tuesday, 23 October 2012

Treble double up

Pikes mouth and teeth

Today I managed a third double figure pike in three days on my bit of river with another quick session on the lures. The real eel, or newly named by me "Real Deal" did the damage again. These bigger pike don't mess around one bit. It seems to me they just swim up behind the lure and engulf the whole thing. The stinger treble seems to be the one hooking the fish so If you have some eels, check the hook condition is sharp and that it sitting nice and straight in the lure before you cast.

I can't grumble as I'm well happy with today's result but it could have been even better. I had a distant follow from another double and then had a half hearted take by a very good fish, easily a high double maybe more from the quick glimpse I got of it's side. But I did bag another fifteen pounder and another perfect fish. Another cracking battle from a fish that just wouldn't give in and at the point where most other pike are ready for the net it still had the energy to strip line off my reel and put in a run to take it 30 yards upstream. I also managed to have my knuckles whacked plenty as the backwards winding reel rattled at speed under the pressure. I don't seem to trust my drag and feel more confident quickly switching off the anti reverse to try to help prevent hooks pulling out. Whatever gets the fish in I suppose. Anyway, I won't rattle on any more but here's a couple of pictures again. I did try to get some different looking photos of the fish from the front but self takes aren't that easy and they didn't turn out good enough, I got the angles all wrong. One to persevere with for later tough.

15 pounder

2012 pike tally
Doubles 34
Total 208
Largest 22.5lb
Twenties - 2
Bonus Perch 54
Largest 3lb 12oz
Bonus chub - 1


  1. Way to go Paul!
    You're really getting into them at the moment !
    I hope to get out with the lures at the weekend, and then all next week during half term, just hope the weather holds up.
    Its pay day this Friday, I've got to get some of them "real deal eels" and see if they work on my waters, as well as they do on yours !

    1. Cheers Marc. I'm well happy with the results, you have to enjoy these times when things go right. If you get out on to the river I'm finding the fish aren't hiding in the edges waiting to ambush, they're out in the water hunting so target just off the fast water in a slack where silvers might be and the pike will be coming looking there.

      If you are getting some eels get the 30cm ones. You get two in a pack and they're a decent size. Cast out, wind in. simple as that. Nice and steady retrieve. Good luck mate!

  2. Nice one Paul, a great action shot too, I also think I know which lure I'll buy next. Struggling to get the sneaky after work sessions in now the dark evenings are here, so roll on the weekend.

    1. Thanks Lee. It's tough getting out now. I'm on earlies for a while but then when I'm on the middle shift I can only grab a bit before or after work. Clocks go back this weekend though so that'll have an effect too.

  3. Nice session Paul. Im a big lure fan and those real eels do look good and they obviously catch. Cheers Darren

    1. Thanks Darren. The tail is the bit that does it for me. Nice and long and has a slow gentle twirling wave.

  4. Excellent fishing Paul, impressed!

  5. Cheers Jimmy. Fish were feeding so that's a big help.