Tuesday, 4 September 2012

Lure weave mesh from DL Specialist tackle - Review

I bought a 30plus landing net years ago in case I went carp fishing. It never got any use but It ended up being a net for when I was out pike fishing. What a disaster of an idea that was. If you landed a fish you would end up in a right pickle and the hooks would be tangled and you'd spend the next three days trying to sort out the mess. I rarely use the net for a pike anyway and unhook them in the water where possible, but on occasions when I could see the hooks were in a bad place for chinning out, or on those rare occasions when I hooked a monster I'd use the net. Nine out of ten times I'd be in a pickle so I had my eye on a new one, and when I caught the 21 pounder a few weeks ago I had a few hooks in the net and just cut the net. Firstly to save time and put the big girl under the least amount of stress as possible and also so that my net would be in a bad state and I'd have to force myself to buy a new one.

I'd heard the "Lure weave" phrase banded about a few times before so had that in my head and went looking for it. Well I knew where to look if I'm honest. Dave Lumb, a well known angler to many, has his own specialist shop where he sells things he rates and that he uses. It's a good thing to buy from someone who rates a product but when you have a guy who has umpteen years of fishing experience behind him then you best take note. Plus, you can add to that when I recently went out with Woodchucker he had one too. What more do I need to convince me.

So that's the story over with and now the review. First impressions were that at least it didn't have loads of tiny holes, but much larger netting (22mm) and seemed to be made out of much better material. That for a start was much more promising as a lure net. So I removed the old net from my 36inch landing net and threaded on the new one  and just like it says on Dave's website, it fits perfectly. Incidentally the nets come in two sizes. The small version, which I bought, fits 36 inch triangular or 30 inch round frame and the large version fits 42 inch triangular or 36 inch round frame. What else is there to do now except take the thing fishing and see what it's like.

Lure anglers nightmare
Now the worst fish you can catch when lure fishing is a jack of about four pounds. You never bother netting these as they go crazy on the bank, trebles flying everywhere and you end up in a right state. But I just got a new net that is supposed to be easy to get your hooks out. So I dip the net in the water and pull the jack in over the top. As predicted the jack goes mental and even manages to remove itself from the hooks, so I quickly get the pike back in the water. At least that bit was easy.

So all I have to do now is untangle that mess little Jack left behind. Both trebles are tangled in the netting and it will certainly test the claims. Watch the short video to see for yourself. There's no need for any further words from me.

If you haven't got one already, at £18 (or £20 for the large) you can't go wrong. If there's anything better out there on the market I'll never find it because I'll use these from Dave in the future.

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