Sunday, 9 September 2012

I'm a winner!

It's not often I win many things, but I've only gone and won a competition on the Yorkshire Fishing Forum for Augusts photo of the month. There were some cracking photos which can be viewed here for anyone who wants to see them. My winning photo gets to have a seat on the actual homepage of and that is enough reward for me. The photo itself was taken on a local pond while I was out late one evening having a spot of fun with some surface lures on a shallow weedy pond, and has already had a little place on my blog with the write up. I'm no expert with the camera and put it down to mostly these modern cameras doing all the work but most importantly the sun doing its finest as it goes down. The sky was a really crazy pinky colour and I had to take a few photos because it was such a sight, I would even say the photo doesn't do the real thing justice.


  1. That is a superb sunset picture Paul,I especially love the way the vibrant pink sky is reflecting in the water, it looks almost surreal.

  2. Well done Paul and very well deserved, as i've commented before, you do take some cracking photos!