Saturday, 30 June 2012

Rainbow record

I know I harp on about the thing, but my rainbow lip lure is fantastic. I can work it in plenty of different ways to make the most of different bits of water. Today I went to my usual spot and managed to catch one pike of around 8lb with another two fish having a go at the lure and us not connecting with each other. I'd had an hour or more and decided it was time to move on. I've been thinking of trying a new spot further up the river and so since I'd got an hour or two left before dark I set off to have a go. It was a bit of a walk so I decided to go light, taking just my tools, net, rod and one lure. I was confident that if I there was a fish or two in this new spot then my rainbow would do the trick.

First couple of casts and I'm working out the flow, depths and anything else that could help me find a pike. Bump, fish, damn I didn't hook it. Cast again, bump, fish on woah Nelly! First fish from my new spot and it's a nice healthy 6lb pike. Cast out again, bump fish on...and then off. Next cast, bump, pike! This is mental. Another pike follows, and then I'm in to another soon after. This continues for just over and hour with me covering probably about sixty metres of bank and fan casting where I think the fish are. I managed to miss half a dozen lightening quick hits, I lost a couple off during the fight and still managed to land ten pike in that hour. My previous best was seven pike in an hour with a 13cm ghost silver lip lure but that record has now gone to my most productive lure. Today I also managed another milestone and that was to pass the "one hundred pike captures" barrier. None of the fish today were bigger than about eight or nine pounds, but they fought like hell and gave me some proper good fun.

Look, if I'm honest my own opinion is that it isn't just about which lure you use. Most of my lures would have caught me a fish or two in this new spot today because I was there at the right time, when the fish were there and on the feed. But a massive part of fishing is about confidence in what you are using and that goes for the pole or match fisherman, the carp angler and the predator man. Have confidence and understanding of what your tackle is best at and use it then. For me it's the rainbow lip lure that I know I can work right and will attract a fish if it's near by. Why bother changing that if it works? Then the only other thing missing is the venue. Chose that wisely and give yourself a chance of a fish. I know that in some places I could chuck that rainbow around all day long and never catch anything. If you're not catching fish then move on and find somewhere else where you will.

2012 pike tally
 Doubles 18
Total 105
Largest 22.5lb
Bonus Perch 3


  1. Top Hauling fella! which size liplure do you use? i got the rainbow pattern in 19cm and never caught on it!

  2. How strange is that, I use the 19cm pretty much 90% of the time and it's the one I was using yesterday. What style of retrieve do you use? I tend to do a slow retrieve and then jerk it all the way in, with a slight pause after each jerk. I have used it in other ways and caught too though. What type of venue are you using it on? I've never used it on anywhere with too deep water.