Tuesday, 10 January 2012

First session of the new year.

Honest! I haven't already been out before and blanked this year. Monday saw me grab an hour on the bank before work. I'm lucky in the fact I fish on a river that runs right by my place of work. In fact it's private property and only one other chap who works with me fishes it. The other chap in question is a barbel man and has a bit of fame to his name too. He's the triple F man, of Fiskys' Fantastic Feeders fame, Paul Fisk. Engineering his own brand of feeder specifically for the deep water barbel fishing of the Trent and anywhere else they might come in handy. If you want to get hold of these feeders then send him an email and he'll sort you out. fiskysfantasticfeeders@yahoo.com

Fiskys Fantastic Feeders - The serious anglers choice

So that's Fisky introduced, now back to my fishing on Monday. As I said, I fish right next to work so sometimes my fishing can be as little as ten minutes. Sometimes it's just a quick cast in the edge just in case. You never know what might be lurking and often with pike fishing it's being in the right place at the right time. Pike sometimes seem to strike at anything, maybe the lure annoys them, maybe it fools them I just think it's the deep rooted predatory instinct in them that's helped keep them at the top of their food chain for thousands of years. There's the old fishing saying of "two minutes in the right place is worth two hours in the wrong place". It's something like that anyway, I'm not a fishing guru! I've had some crazy sessions, sometimes in my lunch break sometimes after or before work. Last year I managed to bag three pike in a frantic hour lunch break. It's a food factory where I work so I have to get changed, dash down the yard to the car, get the rod out and leave enough time to get everything back in the car, back up the yard and then back changed again. Plus a few minutes to try and remove the smell of fish from my hands If I do catch anything.  So that particular day I worked out I could get a good half hour session of solid lure fishing but I never expected to get three pike. I can't remember the exact weights, but it was something like a 5lb, then an 8lb and then a lovely 12lb fish. That afternoon at work I was walking around like the Joker off Batman.

What do you mean, what happened on Monday? Oh yeah, I got sidetracked didn't I. I'm like that sometimes and my fingers get tapping away on the keyboard and all sorts comes out. I'll try my best not to make the blogs too long as I keep the posts coming. So yeah Monday, starting work at midday on the dreaded back shift. I don't actually mind it. I can have an hour or two on the river before I start and even if I don't catch anything it puts me in a nice mood for the day and being on afternoons isn't such a drag. I'd been to the shop for some man flu pills and ended up on the bank at about 10am. The river last week had been up about 14 feet and Monday was the first day the river had got back down to it's normal level. Slight bit of colour and still a bit more flow. But the peg I fish is the one slack area on my bit of private stretch. This year, well last year too, I'm in to the Savage Gear lures. They've done well for me so stick with what works. I did actually try a few other lures first just to see but I had no luck. The SGs were on and I was sure there'd be a fish about, but half an hour then an hour passed and nothing. As the title suggested, this was my first session of the year but actually I was fibbing and i've managed a couple of blanks. So by now I'd not managed a fish in 2012 in about 10 hours lure fishing. I'd got to that point where confidence was low and I was questioning everything, While my mind was wandering, thinking what's next to try, my rod bent and before I knew it I'd missed a hit.Damn, damn and double damn! I cursed myself for not being switched on. That was probably my only chance of the day and I'd missed it. I cast back at the area time and time again but nothing......

It's now 11:20am and nearly time to pack up and get to work. sometimes I pack up and give myself time to get into work and have a nice brew but today I decided I'd push it to the last second. I spotted a bit of water just off the main current that looked a nice laying up point for a pike. I only cast out ten feet, just on the edge of the current, and then holding my rod high, I slowly jigged and danced the lure through some grass that was growing up through the water. That did the trick. A lovely little fish pounced and after a brief tussle my first pike of the new year. Not a monster, but that three pound jack was most welcome. I'm now smiling again. I chucked the lure back in that swim a few times just in case I'd caught the attention of a larger pike with all the commotion but nothing else happened. It's now knocking on half eleven but there's got to be time, always has to be time for one last cast. I gave it some and launched the SG clone out, let it sink for five or six seconds then lots of slow and steady jerking so as to keep the lure suspended during the retrieve. A few seconds later and I'm in again. I couldn't tell at first how big the fish was as it swam straight at me and I wound like mad to keep tension. The fish came to the surface, plenty of commotion and then the fish was mine. I chinned the fish out and quickly guessed about 7lb, easily unhooked the lure as both hooks where on the outside and then went to put it back. Then I noticed it was fatter than I'd first thought so decided to quickly weigh it and to my surprise it just scraped 10lb. I'm well happy with that. My afternoon shift won't be a drag and this man flu won't get me down. Nothing can wipe this smile off my face. That's what I thought. Putting the fish back in the water, I felt a slight twinge in my back. I didn't think much of it but as the day went on it got worse to the point where today (Tuesday) I'm sat in agony. Couldn't get out of bed this morning such was the pain. But will I let a bit of man flu and trapped nerve spoil my fun, doubt it cocker! Clicks "publish post" and toddles off for an hour fishing before work! :)

2012 pike tally
Total 2
Largest 10lb

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